The Poly-Taiko-1 (a play on Roland's Taiko-1 electronic taiko) provides a browser-based playground for exploring taiko instruments and rhythms, composing music for taiko ensemble, or just plain messing around. You can play it here on, or check out the link below for a larger interface.

Make some beats!


Kumidaiko (組み太鼓) is the art of Japanese ensemble drumming. Although taiko (drums) themselves have been used for centuries in traditional Japanese music, such as during festivals or within Buddhist temples, group taiko performances are a relatively new art form, having begun around the 1950s and 60s. Japanese-Americans have been an integral part of taiko performance and culture from its inception, and today there are groups all across North America. (There may even be some near you!)

Taiko rhythms have historically been passed down orally, though it is becomming more common to transcribe them with Western music notation. The Poly-Taiko-1 provides a hybrid, allowing taiko rhythms to be developed through sound (and including common kuchishouka (口唱歌), or vocalizaitons, in its visualization), while also including some advanced musical features that are remiscient of written music, wrapped up into a beat-sequencer-like interface.

The Poly-Taiko-1 relies on p5js for graphics and sound playback.



  • 1.0.0: Initial release (22/10/31)
  • 2.0.0: Multi-pattern interface with presets (22/11/06)


  • Presets for different time signatures
  • Proper odaiko recordings
  • Advanced/basic interface toggle


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wait!! i’m looking through past recurse center projects and i was shocked to find another taiko player x programmer… i’ll have to test this out and see if my group would have fun with it hehe